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Maharani Products have introduced Maharani Brand Desiccated coconut into the market. Our process of manufacturing is conformed to the standards specified by the coconut development board Hygienic methods are adopted from de-husking operation up to the point of packing the coconut flakes and strict quality control methods throughout the process.


The fresh matured coconuts are dehusked and deshelled. The deshelling is done by a special knife. The brown testsa is peeled off using sharp knife. It is cut open to drain off the water and then washed thoroughly in fresh water to remove the invert sugars from the inner surface of the kernel. The kernel is then ground into a fine mass using hammer or pin mills. The ground mass is blanched with live steam for about 20 minutes to bring down the microbiological counts. The blanched mass is then dried in a hot air drier at a temperature of 80-90oC for about 10 hours.

This is done so as to bring down the moisture content to below 3 per cent. The hot air drier is provided with a drying chamber consisting of a series of trays.Hot air is blown into this chamber from an external source through blowers. The dried mass is tested for moisture, free fatty acid and microbiological counts. The product is packed in polythene pouches. The brown testa obtained while peeling the kernel is dried and the oil is extracted.

packing specification

Maharani desiccated coconut comes in easy to handle 200 gms,500 gms and one kg packets packed in 25 kg bags.25 kg bulk packing or 25 kg in one kg/500gms/200gms packets packed in HMHDP bags put into polywoven bags.10 kg bulk packed in PP laminated craft paper bag with inner HMHDP and outer polywoven bags for export.