Desiccated coconut flakes

Maharani coconut Flakes are made of ripe kerala coconuts and are snow white in colour. Hygienic methods are adopted from de-husking operation upto the point of packing the coconut flakes, and strict quality control methods are adhered through out the process. No additive or preservatives are added.

Maharani Coconut Flakes is aimed for needs of bakery, Biscuit manufacturers and for women in kitchen. We can use this straight from the packet. Maharani coconut flakes can be kept fresh, without loosing any of its natural qualities for six months, if stored in air-tight containers in dry cool place. Quality is 100% guaranteed.

Our Process of manufacturing to standard specified by Coconut Development Board. Days of tiresome job in kitchen and hotel are only memory. Maharani Brand launched for the comfortable life of family.