About us

Maharani Brand desiccated coconut needs no introduction to consumer market. It has been in the market, catering to the needs of bakery owners biscuit manufacturers and prudent house wives. Now,Maharani Products have started manufacturing this product under most hygienic conditions in semi Automatic Venetian drier and it reaches the hands of the consumers in 1 Kg,1/2 Kg, 1/4 Kg, in air-tight polyester pouches. Our process of manufacturing is conforming to the standards specified by coconut Development Board.By this method the quality and natural taste and flavour of Kerala coconut are retained till the shelf life of the product expires. Maharani Brand desiccated coconut in flake form,renowned for its high quality and enchant flavour, is used by prudent housewives for various culinary purposes.Bakers and confectioners find its utility in making biscuits,cakes and confectionery items of unique flavour and taste.